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Pilates on the Wall

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Join us for an invigorating 2-hour Wall Pilates workshop, where we explore the strength and versatility of Pilates exercises with the support of a wall! Led by the renowned Michael King and co-tutor Malcolm Muirhead, the creator of this innovative approach, this unique workshop will guide you through a series of standing exercises, transitioning seamlessly into supine work. Michael's 45 years of expertise, combined with Malcolm's creative brilliance, promises a workshop filled with insight, inspiration, and hands-on guidance. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to Pilates, the wall will become your partner, providing stability and resistance to deepen your practice. Enhance your alignment, discover new dimensions in your movements, and experience a workout that's both refreshing and effective. Book your spot today and elevate your Pilates practice with Wall Pilates – a fusion of traditional techniques with a modern twist, only at MK Pilates. See you at the wall!

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