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Pilates Soulful Sunday: Embracing the True Colours of Our Relationships

Emotional Palette: Explore the vibrant interplay of relationships through abstract expressions of green, orange, and yellow
Visual Harmony: Green for authenticity, Orange for challenge, Yellow for superficiality—embrace the spectrum of relationships.

Hello everyone, Michael here on this serene Soulful Sunday. Today, I'd like to share a thought-provoking perspective that beautifully uses colours to symbolise the diverse nature of our relationships. This analogy not only resonated deeply with me but also provided a profound clarity about the people in our lives.

The Three Colours of Relationships

In a particularly enlightening therapy session following a painful personal experience—a long-time friend had unexpectedly cut ties with me without explanation—my therapist offered a simple yet powerful narrative about colours: green, orange, and yellow.

Green: The Hue of Harmony

Green relationships are those in which you are fully, unapologetically yourself. These are the people who understand and appreciate you deeply. They might share your passions, support your principles, and most importantly, they celebrate you relentlessly. Being with your 'green' friends encourages you to remain true to your authentic self, free from any societal masks.

Orange: The Spectrum of Challenge

Orange represents those in our lives who differ from us in passion, values, and perspectives. Interaction with them might not always be easy or comfortable, but it is essential. They are the necessary challenges that test our convictions and enrich our understanding. Embracing orange is about recognising the growth that comes from engaging with those who question and test us, without necessarily conforming to their ways.

Yellow: The Cautionary Colour

Yellow relationships are superficial at best. These are the individuals who might include you as a mere number in their gatherings or only interact with you out of convenience. They are the ones who leave a lingering, unpleasant aftertaste—never fully supportive or genuine in their interactions. While it might seem harsh, the truth is that yellow relationships dilute your true essence and distract you from more fulfilling connections.

Embracing Green and Understanding Yellow

Choosing to eliminate 'yellow' from our lives doesn't mean a dramatic confrontation or a painful severance but rather, an internal decision to not compromise our genuine self for the sake of fitting in or avoiding conflict. This choice is a declaration of self-respect and authenticity—it's about attracting more 'green' into our lives and keeping the 'orange' as a healthy challenge that aids our personal growth.

Why This Matters for Pilates Teachers

As Pilates teachers, we often advocate for balance, control, and mindfulness within our practice. The colour analogy applies beautifully here; it's about maintaining our integrity (green), welcoming challenges (orange), and avoiding energies that misalign with our core values (yellow). It teaches us to be discerning in our personal and professional relationships, encouraging environments that foster growth and genuine connection.

On this Soulful Sunday, I encourage you all to reflect on the colours of your relationships. Nurture your greens, challenge your oranges, and reevaluate your yellows. By doing so, we not only enrich our own lives but also enhance the communities we build around us.

Thank you for joining me today, and may you find peace and joy in the authenticity of your connections. For more insights and reflections, feel free to follow along here or join me in a more in-depth journey at MK Pilates. Here's to a vibrant spectrum of relationships that truly reflect who we are!


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