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Pilates Towel Workout

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Elevate Your Pilates Matwork: The Pilates Towel Workshop with Michael & Malcolm Join us for an enriching two-hour workshop, designed to deepen your Pilates practice through the innovative use of a simple yet versatile tool: the towel. Led by esteemed Pilates teachers, Michael and Malcolm, this workshop is crafted for practitioners looking to enhance their understanding and execution of Pilates matwork. Workshop Overview: This session will explore the multifaceted roles of the towel in Pilates exercises, demonstrating its utility in refining technique, improving alignment, and facilitating muscle engagement. Whether you're looking to intensify your practice or seeking gentle modifications, the towel's adaptability makes it an indispensable companion on the mat. What You Will Learn: Technique Enhancement: Discover how the towel can act as an extension of your body, offering feedback and resistance to perfect your form. Alignment and Precision: Use the towel to guide your movements, ensuring optimal alignment and preventing common mistakes. Versatility in Practice: Learn a variety of exercises where the towel aids in flexibility, strength, and control, making your workout more dynamic and effective. Adaptations for Every Level: Whether you're a beginner or an advanced practitioner, gain insights into adjusting exercises using the towel to suit your individual needs. What you need: A Pilates mat A long towel (bath size) Comfortable clothing that allows for movement An open mind and readiness to explore Who is this workshop for ? This workshop is suitable for Pilates teachers and enthusiasts at all levels who are eager to expand their repertoire and explore creative ways to enhance their practice with the towel as a tool. Teachers: Michael, with his extensive background in Pilates and dance, and Malcolm, known for his innovative teaching methods.

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