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The Pilates Method has always been about the improvement of both mind and body. Jospeh Pilates passionately believed developing a wellperforming body overall, you would gain a healthier state of mind and be happier in your life. To achieve this you had to commit the mind to the task at hand of self-improvement. When you work from the inside out the visible gains will follow. We all know we develop habits and with familiarity, we can become less focused. Doing your Pilates is a lifelong commitment to be the best version of yourself physically with all the positive impact on your life that achievement can offer. Being creative in your visualisations will help you stay motivated and keep your mind and body challenged.


Visuals are individual so find something more relatable to you. As an example, for the spine we can string of pearls or a bicycle chain when it comes to the movement of the individual vertebrae of the spine. You will move differently when using the one you relate to best. This is the power of Creative Visualisations.

Creative Visualisations for the Pilates Method

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