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MK Pilates Apparatus Diplomas

The MK Pilates Apparatus Diplomas present two tiers of teacher training: Silver and Gold Elite. This comprehensive training combines in-person and online learning, without demanding formal qualifications other than practical experience in Pilates and a dedication to its practice. Teachers are afforded the flexibility to commence with the Silver Diploma and later advance to the Gold Elite level



The Silver Diploma focuses on foundation, intermediate, and advanced group exercises, including personal training with small equipment, designed for those new to the industry or looking to build confidence and knowledge.

  • Duration: 6-12 months

  • Courses

  • Reformer Stage One

  • Cadillac

  • Wunda Chair , Spine Corrector & Ladder Barrel

  • Format: 11 days of face-to-face tutor-led time, home study, personal practice, and assessment processes.

  • Objective: The Silver Diploma aims to equip teachers with a comprehensive understanding of the Pilates apparatus system, enabling them to deliver informed, effective, and innovative Pilates sessions across various equipment. This foundational program focuses on deepening instructors' knowledge of Pilates principles, techniques, and the practical application of the apparatus to enhance client experience and outcomes.



The Gold Elite Diploma aligns with the SPM Pilates Apparatus Standard, covering additional subjects like special populations and functional anatomy, requiring more case studies for a comprehensive understanding.

  • Standard: Meets the new SPM (Society for the Pilates Method) Pilates Apparatus Standard.

  • Courses

  • Reformer Stage One

  • Reformer Stage Two

  • Cadillac

  • Wunda Chair , Spine Corrector & Ladder Barrel

  • Studio Systems

  • Format: 17 days of face-to-face tutor-led time, home study, personal practice, and assessment processes.

  • Plus the completion of the supplementary modules & extra case studies

  • Objective; The Gold Elite Diploma is designed to advance teachers' expertise in Pilates, with a special focus on advanced Reformer techniques and the completion of supplementary modules. This prestigious program enriches instructors' abilities to incorporate complex movements and equipment-specific strategies, fostering a holistic and sophisticated understanding of the Pilates method. Graduates will emerge with the skills to deliver high-level, diverse Pilates programs, catering to a wide range of client needs and goals, and demonstrating a mastery of Pilates apparatus and methodologies.

Pilates Practice on a Reformer

Reformer stage one

  • Objective: This initial stage of equipment training introduces instructors to the foundational principles of Pilates Reformer, preparing them to teach beginner through intermediate levels effectively.

  • Content:

  • MK Pilates Reformer repertoire introduction, focusing on movement essence and exercise goals.

  • Techniques for muscular initiation and sequencing across beginner to advanced workouts.

  • Application of Pilates-based Reformer exercises for postural analysis and improvement.

  • Development of visual skills for ensuring proper exercise execution.

  • Strategies for programme design, including exercise variations and modifications tailored to specific body types.

  • Methods for effective communication, including verbal cueing and the use of imagery.

  • Duration and Format:

  • Intensive course structure culminating in Pilates Labs for practical client interaction and feedback.

  • Course materials and initial equipment movement repertoire issued at the first module.

  • Requirement of six case studies involving eight sessions each, including postural assessment, programme planning, and final evaluation, to be completed within three months.

  • Hours Summary:

  • 40 lecture hours focused on comprehensive Reformer training.

  • 48 hours dedicated to case study completion and assessment.

  • Prerequisites:

  • Completion of the Stage 1 Matwork Course is required for enrollment.


Participants will gain comprehensive knowledge in:

  • Understanding of Reformer Pilates Essentials: Grasp the foundational principles of Reformer exercises, focusing on muscular initiation and the sequencing specific to equipment use.

  • Reformer Repertoire Mastery: Learn a detailed breakdown of the Reformer repertoire for beginner to intermediate levels, ensuring precise execution and client progression.

  • Teaching Skills Enhancement: Develop the ability to design Reformer Pilates sessions, including exercise variations and modifications. Enhance communication skills with effective verbal cueing and the use of imagery for instruction.

  • Health and Safety in Equipment Use: Gain a thorough understanding of health and safety concerns specific to Reformer Pilates, including equipment handling and emergency procedures.

  • Preparation for Equipment Teaching: Participate in practice teaching sessions with feedback, utilizing Reformer Pilates Labs to refine teaching techniques and prepare for the practical assessment.

  • Postural Assessment Proficiency: Acquire the skills to perform detailed postural assessments, enabling the creation of tailored Reformer programmes to meet individual client needs.

  • Case Study Development: Complete six case studies involving client sessions, from initial assessment through to programme design and final evaluation, to demonstrate practical application of knowledge and skills.

Young girl doing pilates exercises with a reformer bed. Beautiful slim fitness trainer on

Reformer stage TWO

  • Objective: This course aims to deepen instructors' knowledge of the full original traditional Pilates Reformer repertoire, including Michael King Pilates training techniques and various other interpretations of the work.

  • Content:

  • A comprehensive exploration of the MK Pilates Reformer repertoire.

  • Techniques for client screening specific to Reformer movements.

  • Strategies for designing and planning both Group and Personal Training sessions on the Reformer.

  • Understanding the relationship between Reformer movements and other Pilates equipment.

  • Application of the repertoire in client-specific contexts, with an emphasis on practical utility and adaptation.

  • Duration and Format:

  • The course includes 40 lecture hours, focusing on an in-depth study of the Reformer repertoire and its applications.

  • An additional 10 hours are dedicated to written case studies and workbook activities, designed to reinforce learning and assess knowledge application.

  • Prerequisites:

  • Completion of Reformer Stage One or equivalent training is required for enrolment.


Participants will gain comprehensive knowledge in:

  • Mastery of the full traditional and contemporary Reformer Pilates repertoire.

  • Effective client screening and assessment for tailored Reformer practice.

  • Designing comprehensive Reformer-based Pilates programmes for individual and group settings.

  • Applying Reformer exercises in conjunction with other Pilates equipment for holistic client development.

  • Evaluating and adapting Reformer sessions to meet diverse client needs, with a focus on safety, effectiveness, and progression.



  • Objective: This comprehensive 4-day course is designed to take instructors from the foundational principles of the Cadillac repertoire through to advanced techniques and applications, suitable for sports or advanced clients. It focuses on safe progression, injury prevention, and the integration of dramatic movements.

  • Content:

  • Introduction to the Cadillac, including setup, use, and accessory attachment.

  • Comprehensive exploration of the MK Pilates Repertoire from beginner to advanced levels, including modifications and progressions.

  • Techniques for designing and planning effective Cadillac sessions tailored to both general and specific client needs, including sports or advanced clientele.

  • Strategies for introducing tailored and dramatic movements within sessions, ensuring safety and progression.

  • Review and completion of standard, complete multilevel movements with an emphasis on advanced session planning and injury avoidance.

  • Duration and Format:

  • Intensive 4-day modular course combining stages One and Two, totaling 32 hours of face-to-face instruction.

  • Self-study, including one client case study assessment and workbook activities, recommended to total 28 hours.

  • Prerequisites:

  • Completion of Reformer Stage One or equivalent training is required for enrolment.


Participants will gain comprehensive knowledge in:

  • Mastering the comprehensive Cadillac repertoire, from foundational to advanced movements.

  • Designing and implementing tailored Cadillac sessions for a range of clients, including those requiring sports-specific or advanced training.

  • Applying modifications and progressions to cater to individual client needs, focusing on safety and injury prevention.

  • Demonstrating proficiency in teaching advanced Cadillac sessions, evidenced through case studies and written assessments.



  • Modular: One Day (8 Hours)

  • Overview: The Ladder Barrel course introduces participants to this dynamic piece of equipment, focusing on flexibility, strength, and enhancing the Pilates experience.

  • Content:

  • Exploration of the Ladder Barrel repertoire.

  • Client screening methods for Ladder Barrel exercises.

  • Crafting comprehensive Group and Personal Training sessions.

  • The synergy between the Ladder Barrel and other Pilates apparatus.

  • Mastery of teaching techniques and improving personal Ladder Barrel skills.

  • Outcome: A Certificate of Attendance is awarded, affirming your capability to integrate the Ladder Barrel into diverse Pilates routines.


Participants will gain comprehensive knowledge in:

  • Ladder Barrel Repertoire Mastery: Understand and apply the full range of exercises available on the Ladder Barrel, enhancing flexibility and strength in Pilates routines.

  • Client Screening Proficiency: Develop effective screening methods to safely tailor Ladder Barrel exercises to individual client needs, ensuring optimal benefits and safety.

  • Session Design Skills: Learn to design and conduct both group and personal training sessions incorporating the Ladder Barrel, focusing on creative and effective use of this equipment.

  • Integration Techniques: Understand how to synergistically integrate the Ladder Barrel with other Pilates apparatus to create a holistic Pilates experience that enhances overall body conditioning and movement efficiency.

  • Teaching Excellence: Refine teaching techniques specific to the Ladder Barrel, including verbal cueing, observation, and adjustment skills, to improve both personal execution and the ability to guide clients through exercises effectively.

  • Personal Skill Enhancement: Through hands-on practice and feedback, enhance your own Ladder Barrel skills, ensuring a deep personal understanding of the exercises and their benefits.



  • Modular: One Day (8 Hours)

  • Overview: The Wunda Chair course offers a deep dive into this versatile piece of Pilates equipment. Known for its adaptability, the Wunda Chair enables a broad range of exercises that can enhance any Pilates practice.

  • Content:

  • Introduction to the Wunda Chair repertoire.

  • Client screening techniques for Wunda Chair exercises.

  • Designing and planning for both Group and Personal Training sessions.

  • Integrating the Wunda Chair into the broader Pilates equipment ecosystem.

  • Teaching techniques, execution skills, and body awareness specific to the Wunda Chair.

  • Outcome: Participants receive a Certificate of Attendance, demonstrating their proficiency in utilising the Wunda Chair in their Pilates sessions.


Participants will gain comprehensive knowledge in:

  • Wunda Chair Repertoire Mastery: Acquire a thorough understanding of the Wunda Chair's versatile exercise repertoire, capable of enhancing any Pilates practice through increased strength, stability, and flexibility.

  • Client Screening and Adaptation: Develop skills in assessing client capabilities and adapting Wunda Chair exercises to meet individual needs safely and effectively.

  • Innovative Session Design: Learn to craft engaging and effective group and personal training sessions utilizing the Wunda Chair, incorporating creative use of this equipment to meet varied fitness goals.

  • Seamless Equipment Integration: Understand how to incorporate the Wunda Chair seamlessly into the broader Pilates equipment ecosystem, enhancing the overall Pilates experience for clients.

  • Enhanced Teaching Skills: Refine teaching techniques specific to the Wunda Chair, focusing on verbal cueing, precise execution, and fostering body awareness, to ensure clients achieve optimal results.

  • Personal Technique Improvement: Engage in practical exercises and receive feedback to enhance your own Wunda Chair skills, ensuring a deep, personal proficiency in executing and teaching exercises on this equipment.



  • Modular: One Day (8 Hours)

  • Overview: This course focuses on the Spine Corrector, an essential tool for enhancing the curvature of the spine and improving posture through Pilates exercises.

  • Content:

  • Comprehensive study of the Spine Corrector repertoire.

  • Techniques for client assessment specific to Spine Corrector usage.

  • Strategies for session design in both group and individual settings.

  • Understanding the role of the Spine Corrector within the Pilates method.

  • Developing teaching skills and personal execution with the Spine Corrector.

  • Outcome: Earn a Certificate of Attendance, signifying your ability to effectively incorporate the Spine Corrector into Pilates practices.


Participants will gain comprehensive knowledge in:

  • Spine Corrector Repertoire Mastery: Achieve a thorough understanding of the Spine Corrector's extensive exercise repertoire, aimed at enhancing spinal curvature and posture.

  • Client Assessment Proficiency: Learn specific techniques for evaluating clients' needs and capabilities with the Spine Corrector, ensuring exercises are tailored for maximum benefit and safety.

  • Effective Session Design: Develop the ability to design engaging and beneficial sessions using the Spine Corrector, suitable for both group and individual settings, enhancing overall Pilates practice.

  • Integration within Pilates Practice: Understand the integral role of the Spine Corrector in the broader Pilates method, including its contribution to improving flexibility, strength, and posture.

  • Teaching and Execution Skills Enhancement: Refine teaching methodologies and improve personal execution skills on the Spine Corrector, focusing on precise movement, verbal cueing, and demonstration for optimal client understanding and engagement.

  • Personal Technique Improvement: Participate in hands-on exercises to enhance your own proficiency and confidence in using the Spine Corrector, ensuring a deep understanding of its benefits and applications.

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