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Pilates Education

At My Academy the new home of MK Pilates, we take immense pride in providing exceptional educational courses in the art of Movement & Pilates. Our curriculum is meticulously designed, drawing from over four decades of rich experience, deep knowledge, and continuous innovation in the field. Every course we offer is more than just an educational journey; it's a holistic experience intended to foster understanding, skill development, and passion for Pilates. From beginner levels to advanced training, our courses ensure an enriching and comprehensive learning environment. As we've extended our reach to over 30 countries, our unwavering commitment to excellence continues to be the cornerstone of our work, helping us shape the future of Pilates teaching worldwide."


Michelle Selinger

United Kingdom

Michael and Malcolm are a delight to work with. Their constant stream of new ideas, interesting Facebook posts, technique workshop online classes and courses along with seminars and workshops from a host of varied world-class fitness professionals make me proud to be involved in their programmes.


Nicola Ogden Craggs,

United Kingdom

Michael and Malcolm give so much more than their knowledge. They share their passion, experience and enthusiasm. They are truly inspirational, always seeking to bring the best out in us as teachers and encouraging us to move forward with the Pilates method. I have learned so much from their training courses and am inspired daily in their online classes. They have changed the way I teach in such a positive way and given us a lovely community of teachers who support each other too. Thank you both.
Anneke Brummer.png

Anneke Brummer,

The Netherlands

If you are looking for exceptional and professional Pilates Education look no further.    Pilates is an exercise system like no other and MK Pilates fully understand.
Michael and Malcolm teach Pilates with outstanding technique, enthusiasm, guidance, respect and humor.
MK Pilates brought me to the next level of teaching and training and continue to do so. 
Excellence in Pilates Education & Training 

MK Pilates is a proud member of the SPM 


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