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Spirals Eight

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The Spirals Programme was initially devised and created by Michael King, founder of MK Pilates, to help his clients improve their Pilates practice by working on mobility, flexibility, coordination and balance. MK Pilates Spirals is a fun and energising exercise programme, set to music, working towards a strong, flexible, and well-contoured body. The choreography is designed to focus on dynamic stretching as well as on conditioning, suitable for everyone who enjoys moving to music. Helps to develop a strong, flexible and well-contoured body Designed to increase mobility and flexibility, coordination and balance A dynamic stretching and stability challenge Each class is made up of choreography to different pieces of music, focussing on specific phases of the class, such as preparation, spirals, standing strength, flowing movement, balance, transition to the mat, abdominals and stretching. Using the music to motivate and guide you will get results while having fun.

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