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A Fresh Perspective on Aging: Stem Cells Reveal You're Younger Than You Think

It's very likely that you're looking at aging all wrong, and I'm about to blow your mind. Our conventional wisdom tells us that aging is a simple process, wherein our organs grow old as we do. Let's say you are 40, 50, 60, or 70 years old. You might think that you have a 60-year-old liver, heart, or pancreas. But what stem cell research has revealed is that this is far from the truth. The Constant Turnover of Your Organs Every single organ and tissue in your body is constantly in the process of turnover. You literally have a new pancreas every four to six years and a new liver every 23 years. Your organs are much younger than you are. This discovery changes our entire perspective on aging. The Stem Cell Decline The problem is that as you lose cells and they are replaced with stem cells, the number of stem cells in your bloodstream declines drastically. By age thirty, you've lost almost 90% of the stem cells you were born with. This decline continues until there comes a time, often in one's early forties when the realization hits: "My health is not what it used to be." The Importance of Stem Cells in Aging That's when we started to not have enough stem cells to fully offset the normal cellular loss. It's when our organs start to decline because they're not repairing as they should. This is the real process of aging. Statistically, those with age-related problems have less than half of the stem cells found in a healthy person. The number of stem cells in your bloodstream directly determines your health today and in the years to come. Taking Control of Your Health Many videos and resources talk about how you can put more stem cells into circulation. Exploring this information could be the first step to living a longer and better life. By understanding this cutting-edge research, you can shift your perspective on aging and embrace strategies to keep your body youthful. Conclusion Stem cell research has revealed a fascinating new understanding of the aging process. Your organs are continuously renewing, meaning that you are biologically younger than your chronological age. However, the decline in stem cells contributes to aging, leading to various health issues. By focusing on ways to boost stem cell circulation, we can take charge of our health and age with vitality and grace. Start today, and begin your journey to a longer, healthier life.

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Need research into why so many 80 year olds differ!! You only went up to 70!!

This 80 year old has been a Fitness Instructor for nearly 50 years - still teaching full classes!!!


Barbara Saulter
Barbara Saulter
2023년 8월 11일

Encouraging!!! Maybe all is not lost!! 🤔

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