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The Journey to Home Wellbeing: It's Not Just About the Dust Bunnies!

Turn off the television, computer and other screens at least an hour before bed. These light sources can make falling asleep difficult.
The house of every one is his castle.

So, You Think Your Home is a Health Haven?

Hey there, Hands up if you think your home is the epitome of cleanliness and health! No judgement, I was in the same boat. We mop, we dust, we recycle, but guess what? Our homes need a little "wellness spa day" too! Welcome to the world of home wellbeing, brought to you by Second Nature.

The Great British Home Wellness Gap In our latest "Are We Living Right?" survey, a whopping 99% said a healthy home is a big deal. But hold the phone—nearly 3 in 5 of us think our homes could be healthier. That's like saying we love tea but not having any milk in the fridge. The horror!

The Air Inside: Not as Fresh as You Think! Let's talk about air, Believe it or not, the air inside our homes can be up to five times more polluted than the great British outdoors. Yep, that's despite 61% of us thinking the exact opposite. Time to rethink that indoor plant collection, maybe?

Shoes On or Off? The British Dilemma Ah, the age-old debate of shoes in the house. About half of us stroll around indoors with our shoes on, convinced it's no biggie. But wait—36% of us are onto something. Shoes can bring in all sorts of uninvited guests like pesticides and E. coli. Next time, just tell your guests it's a "shoes-off party."

Don't Forget the Filters! Air filters are like the unsung heroes of home wellness. A shocking 33% of us forget to change them out. That's why we at Second Nature have made it dead easy with our subscription service. Plus, a new filter can even shave off up to 15% on energy bills. Score!

Self-Care vs Home Care: The Price Tag We Brits love our self-care. Averaging about £120 a month (and up to £200 for the 24-39 crowd), we're not skimping on ourselves. But for a mere £8 a month, you can also pamper your home with clean air. That's less than a round at the pub!

Bottled Water: Convenient but at What Cost? 64% of us are wary about our tap water, so we go bottled. But all that plastic, guys! Consider this: 72% of us think filtered tap water tastes just as lush. So why not make the switch?

Filter It Up! When it comes to water filters, look for ones with NSF 42 and NSF 53 certifications. Think of them as the "Michelin stars" of water filters. That way, you know you're sipping only the best. Wrapping It Up!

So there you have it. Home wellbeing isn't just a posh term; it's the full monty for creating a home that's as healthy as a hearty English breakfast. With Second Nature's air filter subscription, you can keep your home's air as fresh as a daisy, delivered straight to your door. Next time you think your home is the bee's knees, remember, a little more TLC wouldn't hurt. Cheers! 🇬🇧🏠

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