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The Pilates Perspective: Addressing Skin Issues in a Pilates Class

How to help clients with skin issues
Skin issues can be distracting in a pilates class

As a Pilates teacher with lots of experience, I often see the profound connection between the body and overall well-being in my classes. Skin issues like acne, rosacea, psoriasis, or eczema may be more than skin-deep, reflecting underlying belly issues, as we've explored earlier in this blog.

Recognising the Signs:

In class, you might notice a client's discomfort or lack of confidence due to skin issues. Given our understanding of the gut-skin connection and the imbalance of the microbiome, this could be a sign of deeper health concerns.

Polite Conversation:

If you decide to approach the subject, do so with empathy. You could privately say, "I noticed you seem a bit uncomfortable. Have you ever explored the link between gut health and skin issues? There's fascinating research on how an anti-inflammatory diet and probiotics might help."

Offering Support:

Share insights about healing the belly through diet, as mentioned earlier in the blog, or offer to direct them to professionals who can guide them. Your position as a Pilates instructor allows you to encourage overall wellness, not just physical fitness.

Pilates and Healing: Don't forget the role Pilates itself can play in overall health. The mindful movements and focus on the breath can support a balanced lifestyle that complements the healing journey for skin issues.

Conclusion: As Pilates teachers, we have the privilege of supporting our clients in various aspects of their lives. Recognising and addressing skin issues with sensitivity and knowledge, grounded in the understanding of the skin-belly connection, can make a significant difference in someone's path to healing and well-being.

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