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Why I'm Never Bored After 45 Years of Teaching Pilates

I am telling you!
Michael King

Greetings to everyone who's passionate about Pilates, movement, and overall well-being! I'm often asked a question that always makes me chuckle: "After teaching Pilates for 45 years, don't you ever get bored?" The short answer is, "Never." Of course, like anyone else, I have days when I feel physically tired, but bored. That’s never part of the equation. Allow me to elaborate on why.

Every Client Is a New World

I always approach each client as a unique individual, with their own set of needs, goals, and challenges. Whether it's a young athlete looking to enhance their performance or someone in their later years aiming to improve their quality of life, each person brings something new to the table. This constant variability keeps my job exciting. In my eyes, each session is like opening a new chapter in a book, filled with opportunities for growth and improvement for both the client and myself.

Every Class or Session Is a New Opportunity

When it comes to group classes, one might think the routine would get monotonous, but it's quite the opposite. Every class is a melting pot of personalities, abilities, and energy levels. This offers a splendid opportunity to mix things up, to bring new information to the room, or to reiterate what clients already know but might need to hear again for it to sink in. Whether I’m revisiting the basics or introducing an advanced exercise, the room is always filled with new energy, and that keeps me on my toes.

The Pilates Evolution

Let's not forget that Pilates itself is an ever-evolving field. The core principles may remain consistent, but the ways we approach them can differ widely, thanks to ongoing research and advancements. Being actively involved in training programmes across the globe, I find it fascinating to see how Pilates adapts and resonates in different cultures and settings. This constant evolution of the practice sustains my enthusiasm and stimulates my own growth as a teacher.

The Gift of Impact

Lastly, what could be more fulfilling than witnessing the positive impact you make in someone’s life? Whether it's helping someone regain mobility or watching a client grow stronger and more confident, these moments are pure gold. They reinforce the importance of the work we do and make every session deeply rewarding.

In conclusion, boredom is not a word in my Pilates vocabulary. Every client, every class, and every moment spent teaching is a chance to make a difference, to learn, and to grow. Here’s to many more years of never being bored!

Warm regards,

Michael King

P.S. If you ever find yourself asking if Pilates can bring something new to your life, my answer is a resounding yes! Come join us and experience the magic for yourself.

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