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The Secret to Movement: Centre Activation in Dance and Beyond

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This past Saturday, while watching "Strictly Come Dancing", I was reminded of a fundamental principle we often emphasise in our sessions: the importance of centre activation. It's fascinating to see these concepts echoed in the world of dance.

Shirley Ballas, one of the judges, made an insightful comment to a contestant about how effectively they were using their centre. This resonated with me deeply. In Pilates, we often refer to the 'centre' or 'core' as the powerhouse of our body. It's not just a physical concept, but a holistic approach to movement and strength.

This concept of centre activation is not just limited to dancers. It's equally crucial for athletes, runners, and indeed anyone engaged in physical activity. The ability to engage and utilise our centre can transform how we move, bringing grace, efficiency, and strength to our actions.

In my years of teaching Pilates, I've seen firsthand how this focus on the centre can revolutionise a person's movement quality. Whether it's in the precise and demanding movements of ballet, the endurance of long-distance running, or the dynamic actions in various sports, a well-activated centre provides stability, power, and fluidity.

So, how can we as Pilates teachers help our clients tap into this powerful resource? The key lies in consistent, mindful practice. Our role is to guide them in understanding and feeling their centre, teaching them to initiate movement from this core. It's not just about doing; it's about understanding and integrating this principle into every movement.

In conclusion, the advice given on "Strictly Come Dancing" underscores a universal truth in physical movement: the centre is our foundation. Whether on the dance floor, running track, or even in the calm of our Pilates studios, activating and using our centre is essential. It's our secret weapon, and as Pilates teachers, we have the privilege of sharing this transformative knowledge with our clients.

Let's continue to inspire and be inspired, using our understanding of the body to enhance movement in all its beautiful forms.

Warm regards,


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