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Technique Thursday: The Real Deal with Pilates Reformer Training

Group Pilates Reformer Class - Learning Proper Technique
Pilates Reformer Training - Importance of Experienced Instructors

Greetings, Pilates teachers!

Today, on Technique Thursday, I want to delve into a topic that has been catching my eye on social media quite a lot lately: the proliferation of short courses promising to teach you everything you need to know about the Pilates Reformer in a flash. It’s concerning to see individuals who are still learning the Reformer themselves already offering to teach others.

This trend is not only incredible but also somewhat worrying.

Let’s be logical here. If you’re going to be taught by someone, it’s not just about their knowledge of the Reformer. The person teaching you should have substantial experience working with clients, so they can explain how it works in real-life scenarios. You don’t just learn how to operate the machine and think you can effectively teach the exercises. That approach reduces the method to mere exercises without any of the depth and adaptability that true Pilates offers.

Understanding how to adapt and modify exercises is a crucial part of teaching. And when it comes to training future teachers, this understanding becomes even more critical. If you’re looking for a Pilates Reformer course, ensure the instructor has significant teaching experience. There are many seasoned teachers who have been offering exceptional training courses for years. Don't be swayed by flashy marketing or social media promises of quick certifications.

If it were possible to become proficient quickly, I’d be the first to offer short courses. However, true competence in teaching the Pilates Reformer takes time and dedication. Before you even consider teaching group Reformer classes, you need to thoroughly learn the Reformer itself. This means understanding the machine, mastering the movements, and only then moving on to teach in a group setting with confidence and skill.

It’s disappointing to see the industry being diluted by quick-fix courses driven by the desire to make a quick profit. Making money is, of course, a valid goal, but not at the expense of quality education. If you invest in a course and come away feeling unprepared, then it's not a good investment.

So, my advice is to do your research. In the UK and worldwide, there are many fantastic teachers offering comprehensive training courses. These experienced instructors have spent years teaching clients and will help you understand how to adapt the Pilates method to suit various clients' needs.

Stay informed and choose your training wisely. Remember, the quality of your education directly impacts the quality of your teaching. Let’s keep the integrity of Pilates intact by committing to thorough and experienced-led training.

Keep teaching and learning,



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