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Thoughtful Tuesday: Embracing Challenges in Pilates Education

Fear suppressing creativity: Embracing mistakes in Pilates education
Overcoming fear to unlock creativity in Pilates teaching

Greetings to all dedicated Pilates teachers,

Today, on this Thoughtful Tuesday, I reflect on my recent experience in Sofia, Bulgaria, where I had the pleasure of working with a group of new teachers. As an educator with a passion for teaching, I cherish every opportunity to share my knowledge and learn from others. My long journey in Pilates education has taught me invaluable lessons, which I feel compelled to pass on.

During the course, I encountered a common scenario that many of you might recognise. It was the final weekend of the course, a time when students put their learning into practice by teaching real clients. Among the group were two individuals who were particularly anxious about this task. Their nervousness was palpable, and at times, it became overwhelming for them. My role was to reassure them, emphasising that this was a learning experience rather than a test.

It struck me how often we let the fear of making mistakes hold us back. Reflecting on this, I realised that as children, we embrace mistakes as part of our learning journey. We try, we fail, and we try again without fear. Yet, as we grow older, our educational systems often condition us to avoid mistakes, focusing instead on getting things right. This shift can stifle creativity and instil a fear of failure.

The nervousness these new teachers felt reminded me of how our education systems often fail to encourage risk-taking and creativity. Instead, they promote a narrow path of right answers and correct methods, leading many of us to become overly cautious. This fear of making mistakes can be paralysing, preventing us from exploring new ideas and methods.

I am pleased to share that despite their initial fears, the two teachers performed admirably. Their success was a testament to the importance of overcoming the fear of failure. As I told them, their clients would be their greatest teachers, offering insights and lessons that I could never provide alone.

On this Thoughtful Tuesday, I urge you all to embrace stepping outside your comfort zone as an integral part of the learning process. Do not be afraid of not being perfect. Each time is an opportunity to grow, learn, and improve. Remember, our goal is not perfection but progress. Our clients benefit most when we are willing to experiment, adapt, and refine our approach based on the feedback we receive.

In closing, I want to highlight that our role as Pilates teachers is to foster an environment where stepping outside one's comfort zone is seen as a natural and essential part of learning. Encourage your students to experiment, try new things, and not be disheartened by setbacks. This mindset will not only enhance their learning experience but also help them develop resilience and confidence in their abilities.

Let's continue to inspire and support each other in this journey of lifelong learning.

Warm regards,



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